Welcome to the Friend or Foe web site.  This site serves the gun owner community by listing the experiences people have while out and about carrying a firearm for self protection.  Individuals across the country use the site to share experiences visiting various places of business for the benefit of the entire gun owner community.  Gun owners who Open Carry are especially encouraged to share their experiences as they are obviously more inclined to get a genuine feel for whether gun owners are welcome at the establishment. Those who prefer to carry concealed can help by adding ratings for businesses that they know are friendly or unfriendly, and also by adding ratings for places that are posted with “no guns” or “no weapons” signage.

If you are a gun owner, consider sharing the experiences you have while carrying with those that live nearby.  Simply click on the Map menu item above, and you might find others have already added some ratings in your area.  If not, use the Add Rating link to quickly add your experiences with local businesses in your area.

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Red Rating MarkerMoore Warren
1000 Telephone Road, Oklahoma City, OK, United States With the purchase by Regal Theater, it's now no guns allowed
Gray Rating MarkerAutoZone
1827 W Main St, Troy, OH 45373, United States Not posted. Open carried in store no problem
Green Rating MarkerMcDonald's
1560 W Main St, Troy, OH 45373, United States Cashier commented how nice it was to see someone carrying. Had a nice conversation.
Red Rating MarkerWoodSpring Suites Knoxville Airport
4412 Singleton Station Rd, Louisville, TN 37777, United States Hotel prohibits concealed carry, open carry, and possession of firearms for non-LEOs or active duty military.

"Civilians, even those who are licensed and permitted to carry a firearm openly under local, state, or federal law, are not exempt from this policy."


Green Rating MarkerSoprano's Supermarket
8389 US-190, Livonia, LA 70755, United States OC w/ No issues. No GFZ signs on the door.