2019 Donation Drive

2019 Donation Drive

Update: Due to the incoming Democratic control of the VA legislature (my state) I am donating any and all money to the VCDL for the purpose of fighting newly proposed gun control legislation.  The VCDL is the largest, most influential gun rights organization in VA. If you live in VA, consider donating here or to the VCDL directly to combat these proposed laws.

If you aren’t a VCDL member, join for $25 here.

The worst of which so far is SB16, which bans possession of all centerfire semi-automatic rifles based on cosmetics, any magazine larger than 10 rounds, AR pistols, any centerfire rifle or pistol with a fixed magazine larger than 10 rounds, and others. That is nearly all AR rifles and pistols.  Possessing any centerfire rifle or pistol with a threaded barrel is a felony. Full details of SB16 are here.

Here’s a list:
HB2  Firearm transfers; criminal history record information checks; penalty.

HB 9 – Reporting lost or stolen firearms; civil penalty.

SB 12  Firearm transfers; criminal history record information checks; penalty.

SB 13  Possessing or transporting a weapon within Capitol Square; penalty.

SB 14 – Trigger activators; prohibition; penalty.

SB 15 – Carrying weapon into building owned or leased by the Commonwealth; penalty.

SB 16 – Prohibiting sale, transport, etc., of assault firearms and certain firearm magazines; penalties.

SB 18 – Firearms; criminal history record information checks; age requirement; penalty.

SB 22 – Purchase of handguns; limitation on handgun purchases; penalty.

SB 35 – Control of firearms by localities; permitted events.

SB 51 – Carrying a concealed handgun; consumption of alcohol in a public park; penalty.


Previous Donation Message:

Donations will go toward paying for the maintenance costs of operating the Friend or Foe site.  Any amount donated over the amount needed for maintenance at the end of the year will be donated to an organization that supports gun owner rights.

You can make offline donations by mailing to:

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Donations are not tax-deductible.

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