Notice – Site Updated

New Version! Finally!


Good news!  The site is updated and everything looks to be running OK.

If you are new to the site, this is a resource to add ratings for local businesses so gun owners in your area will know where they will be welcomed while carrying.  Sign up, or log in, and add a rating. Or, simply go to the Places page and start finding places where it’s OK to carry, and places to avoid.

For those that have been around awhile, you may need to change your password before logging in. If so, use the Lost your password? link on the Log In page.

The site is much more mobile friendly, so using it on phones and smaller devices should now be actually doable.

Main Features:

Clickable Points of Interest: On the Places page (renamed Map to Places), you can now just click a POI and add a review. No more jumping to an Add Rating Page.

Manage Your Own Ratings: You can now delete outdated ratings that you added on both your Account page and on the Place Details screen.  This will help greatly reduce the number of incorrect entries.

Automatic Marker Updates from Google: You will notice that when you view Place Details for a place that hasn’t been viewed in over 30 days, it will automatically update the data from Google. It will do things like update the marker location, notify if Google says the place is closed, and allow you to submit that info for review, etc.

Donations: I have put it off for as long as possible, but Google now charges for access to Place and Map data. That is still be best data available, so I have been paying for it out of pocket since they changed the model last year.

To keep the site ad free, which has been my goal for the last 10 years, I will try accepting donations to cover the costs of site maintenance. Any donations over what is needed to run the site will be donated to a gun rights organization at the end of the year, and I’ll probably disable the donation functionality if it looks like there will be much of a surplus.

When logged in, you will see the Donate menu item. Thank you for your support!

No Anonymous User Additions: I decided to end anonymous additions and require all users to have an account to add a review.  This makes allowing management of your reviews much easier. Since I’m asking for donations to help cover operating costs, if there is excessive traffic from bots or others just browsing through, I may disable anonymous access to the Places page in the future.  I initially required an account to view the Places page at all, so this is a change.

Fine Print: Like any large software update, I probably missed something. 

If you run across a bug, please let me know via the Contact page.  Thanks to all those that helped test, and who will help clean up the data in the future as a community level place editor. Also, more good things are already in the works! Stay tuned!